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We love to help people find and achieve their purpose.

About Stone Culture

Stone Culture is Christian-based organisation with a vision to represent all races, ages and religions in the media industry including TV, Film, Advertising & Digital Content.

We are passionate about the talents within the people we represent and serious about our clients needs and expectations.

Our mission is to ful-fill the dreams of those who have a passion for the industry.

What are Dreams?
God-given talents within the people we represent - the things they never thought were possible but hoped for and daydream about.

Core Values


How we Love? through nurturing, wisdom and support.


We see Inspiration as Joy and hope for a better future


Job opportunities as lead, featured extra or background work.

How Stone Culture Started

The Director of Stone Culture, Kanya Middleton has a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies and has spent 8 years in the corporate world as a director of one of the largest Environmental consulting firms. After being retrenched in 2016 while expecting her third child she knew she needed to do life differently. So with a passion for people and TV and film she opened her Talent Agency Stone Culture. She has had been featured in TV commercials and movies and has seen how challenging and toxic the industry can get both locally and internationally. So Stone Culture was birthed to give hope, joy and inspiration to those who choose to be part of the Stone Culture team.

Some Of Our Clients


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